Our community includes people from all over Australia and the world, our members all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our group and our community. We have connections to people and places all over the world and have a deep connection to all of our indigenous brothers and sisters from abroad. Our connections to Aboriginal people within Australia stretch far and wide with many of our mob from remote and distant places that have found a place within our group, we like to spend time on country as much as possible and share our places and ceremonies with our extended community. 


The corporation is structured with a board of Darug elders and community members, members and associate members, we follow our constitution that is available online along with our yearly reports and financial reports. We are a transparent group that believe we need our cultural connection to survive in todays world.


We encourage community members to come along to our meetings, our meetings are positive and constructive.   


Our staff consists of a committed group of Aboriginal people that work on sites with Cultural Heritage conservation as one of our priority's. We have been working with consultants for many years within Darug boundaries, the Darug Custodian Aboriginal corporation volunteered on site for many years to enable Aboriginal people's involvement in the cultural heritage for our sites in this area,  our elders protested for many years for our involvement and input into the care of our places. 


There are numerous Darug artists within our group, we aim to promote our artists and assist with selling, copywrite and royalties for artists. We encourage recognition for our artists to assist with Darug cultural knowledge in our surrounding communities by facilitating workshops and sharing our knowledge. 


Language inclusion in Darug country is a high priority to our group, we offer workshops and assist with language for numerous community events and projects.     
















Maintain a custodial role in the protection of Darug sites and places. 

Maintain a custodial role in relation to Darug cultural traditions.

•Promote community awareness and understanding of Darug culture.

•Promote wider community awareness and understanding of Darug culture.

•Continue and expand Darug traditional crafts and contemporary arts and crafts.

​*Provide an open venue for Darug descendants to discuss and negotiate matters relating to Darug land and culture.

*Promote and put into action conversation practices based on Darug traditional values.  

• To hold native title on behalf of Darug native title holders. 




All art on our website is registered as copywrite to the artist, all images and stories are the artists intellectual property.

Please contact us if you want any art or prints.  

This painting is by Aunty Edna this shows the coming together and celebrating the wet after the dry river beds.

This is a story of celebration.

Painting by Mulgo Wirriga totem dreaming

Painting by Mulgo, this painting is about Beecroft  it is the story of the wattle in sandstone country it shows the time to move over the sites and meet for ceremony.

Art work by Leanne Watson,  Aunty Edna Watson and Bundeluk 



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