Darug Art


Art work is for sale - acrylic on canvas, prints and, commissioned pieces.

Visits to our gallery are welcomed but are by appointment only.

​Art work is all registered copywrite.



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Painting by Mulgo the Echidna following the ants in the sand along the songlines.

Painting by Bundeluk, yiluk the sun.

Painting by Mulgo, the wattle blossums and the Bara (eels) move down the waterways this is a time for celebration and ceremony

Painting by Mulgo, Feathers show us the connenction to people past and the connections to our family groups.

​Painting by Mulgo, the Bara (Eel)s travel out to see to spawn when the wattle blooms, this is time for all the clans to come together, the glass Eels travel back upsteam.

​Painting by Aunty Edna, this is a story of travelling to our mob in Alice springs and the different clans we met. 

Painting by Aunty Edna. Waterway connections.

Painting by Rhiannon, Clans

Painting by Mulgo -  Mission Church Parramatta - Buruga

Art work by Leanne Watson,  Aunty Edna Watson and Bundeluk 



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